LEKOS - from Lekarna Kozmetika Sotošek - is a family business with its head office at Drožanjska cesta 68 in Sevnica. Pharmacist Breda Drenek Sotošek set it up in 1993, at the opening of new premises of beauty salon Lekos Kozmetika Studio B, which otherwise has been operating since 1986. In October 1994, the company expanded its offer by opening of a private pharmacy Lekarna Pod Sv. Rokom. This has in recent years been selected three times among the first three best Slovenian pharmacies. The company’s goal is to develop high-quality and safe products with natural ingredients. Strong development of our own products is based on expertise and many years of experience and knowledge of the needs of the customers coming into our pharmacy and beauty salon.

Lekos Company currently has two own brands, which are marketed under the slogan Modrost narave (Wisdom of Nature).

The brand Lekovita comprises a line of cosmetic products and a line of herbal teas and syrups.

The brand Lekobeba is intended for children. It includes both cosmetics with natural ingredients as well as tea for babies and children, and a dietary supplement Vetrovne kapljice. Lekobeba products are distinguished a lively and lovely packaging.

In addition to the Lekovita and Lekobeba lines, the company also manufactures products for domestic animals nutrition.

Lekos is an open company. We would like to point out cooperation with Tanin Sevnica, Thermana Laško and Lili Carsten, the doyen of the Slovenian cosmetics. The importance we give to knowledge is manifested in collaboration with educational institutions - Slovenian secondary pharmaceutical and cosmetic schools and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. The company is also actively involved in the life of the Sevnica home town local community.