About Lekovita

Lekovita products do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanols, silicones, artificial colours, perfumes and animal substances (only exception is product Ribja mast containing fish oil). Their scents are neutral and suitable for women and men, and not tested on animals.

Cosmetic products are designed for domestic and professional skin care and not applicable for consumption. We keep them at room temperature, protected from moisture, direct light and heat and out of the reach of children.

Simple composition

The foundation of Lekovita cosmetics is a simple composition of products, based on knowledge of medicinal plants. Lekovita products contain at least 95% of the active ingredients of natural origin. These are mostly plant extracts, oils and fats, and waxes. As far as possible we use ingredients from the local environment and neighbouring countries. Ingredients are under the supervision of authorized laboratories of our suppliers, and they meet all the required standards of cosmetic and pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice. To achieve a high microbiological quality and hypo-allergenic condition in cosmetic products, we use purified pharmaceutical waters.

Natural ingredients

The Lekovita cosmetic line is accompanied by the biological rhythm of skin processes. With a combination of different natural oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and water the products are adapted to different skin types. They are based on the principle of encouraging the skin to produce and strengthen its own structural units, such as collagen and elastin fibres, moisturizers and lipids. Natural ingredients enhance skin resistance to external factors and maintain its vitality, strength and shine. Natural nutrients contribute to achieving and maintaining a natural balance between fat and water in the skin. Lekovita cosmetic products do not alter the physiology of the skin and do not cause addiction of the skin to the products ingredients. With the wisdom of nature it is gratefully supported in everyday challenges.


Simple composition and natural ingredients are best reflected in the correct use of cosmetics. Allowing for instructions and warnings means safe use of selected products. Respect for the personal needs of the skin after an appropriate quantity of certain cosmetics and skin responses to the seasons and features of the environment is the right path to healthy skin and complete satisfaction. We believe that when choosing a cosmetic product the skin type, habitat and habits, and the season are key factors, rather than years and gender. We are always willing to share a wealth of experience and knowledge of our pharmacist and beauticians through individual counselling. In our beauty salon, we offer you free measure of moisture levels of the skin and help in the selection of suitable product for your skin.